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<p align="center"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><img src="" alt="MCOP logo"></a></p> # MCOP MCPTT Client v3.0 The **MCOP MCPTT Client v3.0** (version 3.0 September 2020) comprises different elements connected by Android’s binder mechanism including the **MCPTT Client GUI**, the **MCOP SDK** (responsible of MCPTT protocols) and **low level plugins** to access SIM card, eMBMS, connectivity and configuration-oam to be deployed to get access to Mission Critical capabilities. This version includes a complete refactor to deal with the latest MUOAPI updates (find below the complete MUOAPI updates), while keeping the same previous functionalities. The Client is now also compatible with the latest Android versions, up to Android 11. Check [**MCOP MCPTT Client Installation**]( for instructions. License terms are defined in the [Licensing]( and [Doubango]( files. * For testing purposes, the [**MCOP Demo Platform**]( is also available. Check the **** section on the [**Provisioning Tool documentation**](docs/ page for more information on how to request access to our platform and configure the application. * Refer to [**MCOP SDK** Installation]( for detailed **MCOP SDK** installation and testing steps. The [MCOP MCPTT App Development](docs/ guide provides more info on app development using the MCOP SDK. This application uses [Doubango Framework]( Refer to [Doubango IMSDroid README](docs/ for additional IMS/SIP compatibility statements. **Copyright (C) 2020, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)** For more information, please visit [MCOP - Resources]( or [MCOP webpage](